Diametric Partners, LP, an equity-focused hedge fund, has significantly outperformed the major market indices each year since its founding in February 2021, while concurrently limiting volatility and risk.  Our relentless persistence over more than 25 years of active trading has allowed us to identify and refine a variety of methods and strategies that have delivered a sustained long-term edge over most other equity investments.

Eric Jockin is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Diametric Partners, LP.  He has worked as an investor and asset manager since 1998.

Sustained Performance

Diametric has been able to deliver unusually consistent returns over the long run by taking positions in disruptive, transformational companies while concurrently short-selling equities of low-quality companies that have shown unwarranted upward price movements.

Reduced Market Correlation

By maintaining a balanced combination of long and short positions, Diametric's valuation changes are less correlated with those of the broader equity markets than are many other equity investments, thus offering a hedge against traditional equity holdings.

Managed Risk

Diametric is able to reduce fund volatility and risk using a variety of strategies, such as taking positions in securities whose movements tend to be weakly or negatively correlated, limiting the size of positions in any one security, and through a range of stock options strategies.

Cumulative Monthly Percent Valuation Changes Relative to the S&P 500

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Note:  Returns shown date from the founding of Diametric Partners, LP in February 2021.  Diametric’s returns are adjusted for management and performance fees, and S&P returns are adjusted for stock splits, dividends, and capital gain distributions, so that both simulate actual pre-tax returns that would have been realized in either investment.  Past returns never guarantee future results.  Carefully consult Diametric’s subscription agreement and understand all risks and limitations before investing. 

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